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Nana Yeboah (pronounced na-nah ye-bow-ah) is an interdisciplinary researcher, writer and storyteller with a decade’s worth of experience across the federal government, nonprofit, philanthropy, and education sectors. Her areas of expertise are academic editing and writing, community outreach, copywriting, curriculum development and instruction, dialogue facilitation, journalistic writing, social policy research and analysis, mixed methods research, program evaluation and management, proofreading/editing, public affairs and policy analysis, and qualitative research. Her diverse academic and career experiences have been guided, in part, by a lifetime (to present) of navigating the flaws and fractures of U.S. social, foreign, and immigration policy as a working-class Black immigrant woman, a first-generation American and first-generation college graduate. She recently completed a doctoral degree in Education Policy and Analysis and has served in several research-driven, advocacy analyst and manager positions across industries. She is founder of Diaspora Praxis, LLC, a research consultancy, where she builds on years of research, writing, and advocacy experience and confidently analyzes demographic, socioeconomic, and political trends and data at the local, state, national, and international levels. She is committed to growing as a researcher and practitioner through increased knowledge and implementation of data analytics for capturing socio-economic, demographic, and economic trends and alternatives. She is also committed to continuous self-education and is utilizing LinkedIn, Future Learn, Data Journalism, Google, and IBM SkillsBuild to further build and hone her data analytics and user experience research skills.

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